I am currently writing the fantasy book: INTO THE BEAST, where I am creating a world of Nordic skinwalkers inspired by Norse mythology. I am also the co-creator of servering you entertainment related to the magical ancient legends of the North.

The Book

Go emerge yourself into the world of the beasts. Read about my progress, characters and magical inventions.

The Games

At my husband and I create games, stories and other entertainment related to the book and Norse mythology

The Art

See the photos, digital art and videos I create.

Meet the Cupcake

Cecilie Szkotak Nielsen

Cecilie Szkotak Nielsen

Dreamer mother creator

In the odd case you want to know who I am I can tell you that I am hard to pinpooint. I love exploration, whether in foreign cultures, fiction, history and nature.
I am an archaeologist, a communications advisor and hopeful upcoming writer, artist and proud nerd.


Words, madness and imagination

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Write me if you want to know more about my book, or want to buy my skills as an illustrator.

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